Saturday, July 08, 2006

Around Squaw Valley Rim run

Distance: Medium - approx 13 miles, approx 2 hrs
Trail: single track mountain trails and ski lift service roads, sections of loose rock, some snow
Vertical: approx 3000 feet up, 2000 feet down
Start: Squaw Valley ski lift base station (nearby Olympic House)

- Run up main service road to High Camp mountain station (el. 8200, approx 2 miles)
- Continue up gravel road along ridge to Emigrant Gap (same as high point for WS100 run)
- Proceed single track on left side of the Emigrant peak, watch loose gravel
- Continue faint trail on ridge line (staying on right side of ridge) up to high point at lift station at el. 8900
- Continue on service road right side of top of mountain, and down on other side.
- NOTE: as you go down from high peak come around the mountain side, traversing left on steep loose terrain towards Corniche lift (approx 1/4 mile no trail)
- Continue down rough service roads towards saddle in ridge (1/2 mile down)
- Follow road through small forested area until reach foot of last climb
- Climb up sandy steep road to KT22 lift, some of this is off trail - just aim for lift station
- Continue to service road, and turn downwards, follow zig-zag road downwards, rel. steep
- After 5-10 minutes meets other road in Y-intersection, take left and follow around corner
- Continue down until meet up with main slope roads and down to Squaw Valley start.

Wear good running/climbing shoes to handle snow and rough rock sections. Remember high altitude when planning running time, sun protection, water, etc.