Monday, June 26, 2006

Western States - Safety Patrol Run Combo

Distance: Very long - approx 55 miles
Trail: single track mountain trails, 5 miles of rough gravel road, likely snow (if run in June)
Vertical: approx 12000 feet total - back and forth
Start: Robinson Flat (major aid station for WS100) , car parking nearby, drive up from Auburn

- Run the WS100 course reverse from Robonson Flat to Squaw Valley
- Avoid Duncan Canyon on first leg, instead going up Soda Springs Rd to where Red Star Ridge aid station is (this avoids approx 6 miles, and 1500 vertical feet climbing)
- Continue to Squaw Valley along WS100 trail. Follow WS100 yellow trail markings
- Stay over night in Squaw

- Run with WS100 Safety Patrol back to Robinson Flat next day
- Get an early start to climb up Squaw Valley ski slopes before start at 5am
- This time going over Duncan Canyon loop
- Make sure to pair up with one other runner as Safety Patrol

Bring 3 water bottles - to keep hydrated on long hot sections.


Sunday, June 11, 2006

Arastaradero - Foothills Park - Monte Bello - Ridge Trail - Razorback Trail

Distance: Medium - approx 20 miles
Trail: gravel roads, single track, switch backs, 1 mile of paved road
Vertical: approx 4000 feet
Start: Portola Valley / Alpine Rd intersection parking - in Portola Valley, CA
- Run down along Alpine to Alpine Inn
- Turn right on Arastaradero rd, and second rd right again (1 minute after bridge)
- Run up long paved hill to entry of Arastradero preserve
- Continue in on gravel roads climbing up in Arastradero preserve for another 1 mile
- Turn right on single track and decend to gravel road
- Turn right on gravel road leading upwards
- Continue gradual climb for just under a mile, until crest at gate where road ends
- Pass through gate, turn right, and decend down steep paved road to Nature center
- Turn left, continue 1/4 mile to car parking, and steer right into fire roads to Wild Horse Valley
- Continue approx 1 mile, past 1 bridge, and before second bridge exit onto small trail leading up right
- Continue RIGHT trail fork, and climb switch backs for 20 minutes, enjoy pretty waterfall scenery
- coming to top turn left and continue for another 5-10 minutes to trail exits out on fire road
- turn left, up the hill and then right, exit out over gate to Page Mill Rd
- Follow Page Mill for approx 10 minutes, until trail entry on right side of left curve of road.
- Follow single track for 5-10 minutes up and finally across Page Mill Rd into Monte Bello preserve
- Continue Monte Bello trails south and westward up and across Skyline Rd, and then turn right go north to Page Mill / Skyline trail head (many trail options here)
- Follow Ridge trail north for 1.5 to 2 miles, until exit out on gravel rd
- Go right for 1/4 mile, to Skyline
- Continue up Skyline north for a mile, until trail entry on right side (after cresting second hill)
- Follow Razorback trail down all the way to Alpine Rd, turn left and follow on trail next to Alpine Rd back down to Portola town

Great combination run if you are looking for a long varied trail run. It links 5 different preserves, with great views and plenty of climbing.