Sunday, March 26, 2006

Over Skyline Loop

Distance: long run - approx 20 miles
Trail: mixed trail and streets
Vertical: approx 3500 feet
Start: Windy Hill trail head in Portola Valley
- Windy Hill up to Skyline Rd
- North on Skyline Rd to Old La Honda WEST
- Down for a few miles until dirt road right down to Hwy 84
- Up Hwy 84 to Skyline
- North along Skyline to Bear Gulch Rd EAST.
- Down on Alambique Trail all the way to "Ranger Station"
- Return along Hwy 84 South, and Portola Rd, to Windy Hill trail head

Note: Windy Hill trail head parking may close at sunset, find other parking to avoid get locked in...


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